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[27 icons] Assorted Gundam Wing

[4] Quatre/Dorothy (4xD) - manips
[2] Quatre/Dorothy (4xD) - fanart
[3] Duo/Hilde (2xH) - fanart
[4] Heero/Relena (1xR) - fanart
[14] Textless Relena - screencaps/bases
Comments and credit are love!
All fanart was commissioned by me from ichan-01 on Deviantart
All caps from the 2007 remastered release of Gundam Wing
4xD manips from this AMV

Preview <3


<3Collapse )
Volume IV

Only three fics here because the fic that comes after these is on the longer side and merits its own post due to its structure. If you've liked things so far, here's more of the same. Also, Steel Butterfly is special because it was written almost a full year before I decided to write my damned thesis on the same historical figure who inspired me to write that fic. That's not an endorsement of quality though. As I've mentioned before, keep you expectations low and nobody gets hurt. ;)


Steel ButterflyCollapse )

Reading MaterialCollapse )


PaperthinCollapse )
Volume III

If there's one fic I consider my "signature fic," it's Tea Time. I don't think it's particularly good or anything but I do enjoy the premise immensely. I even commissioned art for it. So yeah, raise your expectations a bit for that then drop them back down an ocean canyon after.


Tea TimeCollapse )


TerminologyCollapse )


Footwear PhysicsCollapse )


Noontime NoodlesCollapse )


Fictional AccountCollapse )
Volume II 

Still here? I present to you five more fics from the Nonsensical Nuances ficverse. Pardon me while I wander off and resume my uncontrollable cringing. At least I had fun writing them?


SolitaireCollapse )


Quality TelevisionCollapse )


Destiny's DressCollapse )


PugilismCollapse )


Work Related InjuryCollapse )
Volume I

These are the first five fics in the Nonsensical Nuances ficverse. Keep in mind that I was just beginning to get back into Gundam Wing when these were written. Frankly, I cringe when I read these now. 


Respond, Rewind, RescindCollapse )


Sixteen SecondsCollapse )


ProfessionalismCollapse )


Silent BarrageCollapse )


Noise BarrageCollapse )